2015 Aluminum Beargrease on sale!


Yesterday we featured one of current model FatBikes on sale as we start to make room for the new models that will arrive closer to when the snow flies this fall and today we figured it was worth our while (and yours) to feature one more.

This is the 2015 aluminum Salsa Beargrease, size 19″, regularly priced at $3100 but on sale now for just $2800.

It has an X7/X9 drivetrain and other similar sensible component choices that keep the cost reasonable while still offering a pretty lightweight overall FatBike setup.  The Marge Lite rims are another highlight, as is the same carbon fork you find on Salsa’s top end Beargrease offerings.

We’re really partial to the paint job on this bike, and this is probably the last one like it that we’ll have in stock so if you fancy it as much as we do act soon!