2015 C’Dale Bikes on sale, featured all week, pt 4

Our low to mid-level mountain bikes have been selling well this season, with Giant, Marin, and Cannondale bikes all moving out the door briskly, and although we’ve ordered enough of all 3 brands to still have reasonable inventory left to choose from as we enter the heat of summer our stock seems unequally balanced towards the Cannondales so we’ve put many of them on sale to make sure everything continues to move at a steady pace.

So, this week we’re featuring a different 2015 Cannondale hardtail mountain bike each day.

Okay, okay, we’re cheating a bit on the last post of the week by featuring a 2014 Cannondale.  Though we do have plenty of 2015 C’dale mountain bikes on sale this 2014 model has been kicking around too long and we want to see it out on the trails where it belongs.

It’s a ’14 Cannondale F29 Carbon 3, regularly priced at $3100 but now reduced to just $2400 plus taxes.


This bike has a coveted C’dale carbon frame and Lefty shock with Sram X7-X9 components (including a colour matched X9 rear derailleur – nice touch!).

Simply put this is one of our very favourite racing bikes.  The only downside to owning this is that you can’t use the bike as an excuse.  If you didn’t make it to the top of that hill, or if you bonked befor making it to the end of the ride, it’s on you, not the bike 🙂

Unlike our 2015 sale models we have just one of these bikes left, in a size medium, so if you’re an average height for a guy or a little taller than average for a girl you will want to take advantage of this great deal fast!