2015 C’Dale Mtn Bikes on sale, featured all week!

Our low to mid-level mountain bikes have been selling well this season, with Giant, Marin, and Cannondale bikes all moving out the door briskly, and although we’ve ordered enough of all 3 brands to still have reasonable inventory left to choose from as we enter the heat of summer our stock seems unequally balanced towards the Cannondales so we’ve put many of them on sale to make sure everything continues to move at a steady pace.

So, this week we’re featuring a different 2015 Cannondale hardtail mountain bike each day.

Let’s start with the Trail 3 27.5, regularly priced at $1200 but now reduced to $1080 plus taxes.


First of all as the model name states this Trail 3 has 27.5 inch wheels, which means it has a bit more agility than its 29er big brother and it weighs a bit less, while still adding efficiency and rolling resistance beyond its smaller 26″ siblings.

Beyond that fundamental spec the bike has a solid drivetrain with a Deore rear derailleur, an adjustable front shock with remote lockout, and Shimano hydraulic discs.

All for just over a thousand bucks.  We have most sizes in stock at the time of this posting.  Come and check one out and take it out for a test ride anytime.