Thule / Chariot Axle Mount ezHitch

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can purchase secondary hitches for their Chariot / Thule child carriers so they can easily swap the carrier with bike attachment from bike to bike, but they often wish they had known sooner, so we’re telling you now 🙂

For just $40 plus taxes you can add a hitch to another bike. The hitch comes with a skewer to replace the one you have on your current bike; in many cases it’s not necessary to use a new skewer but sometimes the one that comes stock on your bike isn’t long enough to accommodate the hitch that sandwiches between the end of the skewer and the bike frame’s rear dropout.

We almost always have these in stock so if you find yourself swapping your hitch from bike to bike all the time feel free to simplify your life anytime by picking one up today.