Heads Up Eyewear Mounted Mirror


Cycling is an awesome way to get around town but it’s not without its dangers, maybe most notably the cars that we share road space with.

The reality is that cars are heavier and move faster than us, and if we collide we’ll never, ever end up the less damaged of the two parties.  That is in part why various bike mirrors are becoming increasingly popular.

We don’t want to overstate car vs. bike collision frequency but bike mirrors not only help prevent them from actually happening, they also offer peace of mind that danger is not imminent.

Generally speaking there are a few mirror options available, including bar end mounted mirrors, helmet mounted ones, and mirrors mounted to your glasses like the one pictured above.

Each type of mirror has their benefits and we have all 3 styles in stock to check out (and in some cases different choices within each style).  The glasses mounted style pictured above are $24 plus taxes.