Theft Problems and the Pinhead Wheel and Seatpost Lock Kit


It’s no secret that we have a bike theft problem in Winnipeg, and what’s worse it appears that our authorities, or at least our ‘system’ (we’re not pointing fingers at anyone in particular) really doesn’t care.

We have customers replacing bikes that were recently stolen on an almost daily basis (literally; we’re not exaggerating).  Though it may happen occasionally we never hear of anyone being prosecuted for bike theft and rarely hear of anyone recovering their stolen bike.  The whole situation is absolutely dumbfounding.

Rants aside, the lesson is to never, ever leave your bike unprotected.  Never leave it unattended, even for a minute (we get many stories of bikes left in the car port for a minute while someones runs back inside to grab a helmet only to come back out and find the bike gone), never, ever leave your bike in your detached garage (we all but guarantee that at some point it will be stolen from there, even if your garage is locked and even if your bike is locked within the locked garage), and very sparingly use cable locks (for very quick in and out errands only, and even then you’d be much better served to use a U-lock).

If we’ve convinced you to keep your bike in your house and to use a U-lock if you leave it outside while you’re out and about that’s great, but there’s another problem.  Thieves commonly make off with parts from your locked bike if they can’t steal the whole thing.  The two most common items of theft are the seat and the wheels.

Pinhead has come up with a solution for both: Locking skewers and seat collar that keeps your seat post and your wheels in place.  They render your wheels almost unstealable, and while a thief could still make off with your actual saddle it’s more difficult for them to take your saddle from your post than it is to take the saddle and post together, unless you use the Pinhead seat collar lock – then it’s enough of a pain to take either that they usually pass it by.

We have a few kits in stock that include the seat tube collar and front and rear skewers for $100 plus taxes.  That’s worth avoiding the inconvenience of not being able to ride home from your errand, let alone having to replace your components.

So, until some miracle solves are bike and bike component theft problem please consider following our related advice, and consider buying theft deterrents like the Pinhead kit.