Salsa Beargrease – two aluminum models in stock now


What originally took hold as a winter trend has quickly become a year round riding passion: Fatbikes are now firmly intrenched as the go-to solution for rough riding conditions no matter the temperature.

We’re used to featuring our Fatbikes as the snow flies but we figured we’d let people know that we have a decent selection of FatBikes in stock now, including the two aluminum Salsa Beargreases pictured above, in a medium and a large size.

Though you can certainly buy full-on FatBikes for less, the aluminum Beargrease is arguably the best bang for your buck.  A solid midrange Sram drivetrain, Marge Lite rims, excellent 45Nrth tires, and a great (and gorgeous) frame are among the many highlights. A close to 30lb weight is just the icing on the cake.

The whole package will set you back $2900 plus  taxes.  We have one large and one medium in at the time of this posting.