Intro to Cycle Touring


Al Dixon, Olympia Cycle and Ski



On Thursday, May 14th I was asked to speak on the topic of cycle touring at one the evening clinics hosted by Olympia Cycle and Ski on Portage Ave in Winnipeg.  The topic of cycle touring is certainly a broad one so any attempt to discuss it in detail during a 45-60 minute session is definitely challenging, but certainly worth an attempt.  That being said, I did give it a try and the following report represents a summary of my discussion notes used during the course of that evening at Olympia.  Also, I’d like to thank all those who showed up to listen and if nothing else, hope you were entertained on what I recall was an evening of rather poor weather.

If you’ve ever thought about giving cycle touring a try in one of it’s many forms, I’d encourage you to do so and for any hardened and experienced cycle touring veterans who may be reading this, I hope you’re able to find just one new idea that provides you with renewed enthusiasm for your next adventure!  For the record, I have taken the liberty of writing up the essence of my cycle touring “lecture” in a somewhat story-like fashion so I hope that you the reader don’t mind this approach and you can take away from it what you find helpful or interesting!

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