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Grand Beach XC Race May 24th

Mon - Fri 10 - 9
Sat 10 - 6
Dec 1 - May 31
Open 1 - 5 pm
Used Bikes:


The Olympia Cycling Club, along with Two Wheel Revolution is hosting this weekend’s mountain bike race at Grand Beach, one of our very favourite venues. 

For those who haven’t been there parts of the course are technical but not crazy technical (and those parts can be easily walked if they get too sketchy for you) while much of the rest is undulating Sandilands area single track, mostly sandy, dry, moderately hard packed dirt.  The climbs are brief but the terrain changes around every bend. 

All ages and skill levels welcome.  For more info, to register, and to purchase an MCA license if you haven’t yet you can go to the Race Bible and follow the appropriate links. 

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