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As promised in a previous post on hitch and trunk / hatch mount bike racks today we’re featuring roof racks in anticipation of the upcoming vacation season.

If you’re looking for the greatest amount of versatility a roof mount system is the way to go.  Not only does Thule offer many, many bike mount options for virtually any type of bike you can imagine, they also offer solutions for canoes and kayaks, skis, surf and paddle boards, general additional cargo space, and so much more.  In fact this post is being typed while cruising down the highway to lake country with two kayaks on top of a multiuse rack set up that also accommodates two bikes (don’t worry, someone else is driving).  After all, as much as we love bikes there are other fun things to do out there.

Thule is exceptional at making Fit Kits that connect their Load Bars (which in turn connect bike trays, boat carriers, cargo boxes, etc.) to specific car models.  That is to say that their kits are tailor made to your exact vehicle make and model, always ensuring a perfect fit that is super secure and won’t mar your paint or bodywork.

What’s more, when you sell your vehicle and buy a new one most of the Thule roof rack set up is usually transferable – just get a new fit system unique to your new vehicle and you’re usually good to go.

They have a great online fit guide that helps you find exactly what you need for your vehicle and whatever you’re carrying on top, but you are more than welcome to stop by the shop anytime so we can help you figure out what works best in your situation.

We try to keep the most common kits and accessories in stock but with so many fit choices we obviously can’t have everything in stock.  Fortunately Thule ships to us in just a few days, or if you’re in a really big hurry they’ll ship overnight for an addtitional fee of usually around $20 or so (though it should be noted that “overnight” often ends up being two nights depending on when they receive the order).

Whatever your toy and cargo roof top transportation needs check out Thule and visit us for more info and to set you up, and then hit the road and have some fun!


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