Spring Tune-Up: Call to book appointment now

imageIt’s that time of year again.  We’re already receiving many bikes into the shop daily for their spring tune-ups.  For just $60 we’ll give your bike the complete once-over, including tuning the drivetrain and brakes, moderate wheel truing, checking all bearings (bottom bracket, headseat, and hubs) for proper function, lubing and greasing the appropriate bits, etc.  If parts need replacing we’ll take care of that too, with the parts cost obviously added to the tune-up fee.

Please note: Call ahead (204-888-4586) and book an appointment with us to avoid being turned away in the shop.  We’ll get to your tune-up as soon as we can but this time of year we’re typically backed up more than a few days and we simply can’t keep your bike in the shop for an extended period of time due to space limitations.

We need to book you an appointment and then ask you to bring your bike in a day or two in advance of that.  Please don’t just show up to drop off your bike for a repair to take place in a couple of weeks.  We don’t have the room.

Thanks for your understanding.  We look forward to getting everyone safely back on the road as soon as we can!