Smith Forefront Helmet


This is a pretty cool looking, and we assume cool functioning, new helmet.  Well, the helmet itself was introduced in 2014 but because Smith is new to us for 2015 it’s a new product in our shop.

The core of the helmet has a sort of honeycomb design, so it can be impact resistant while still allowing for really large and airy vents.  What’s just as cool is that the honeycomb design allows for good air floor while still providing protection even in the areas where they are gaping vents.  As far as we’re aware this is the only helmet design that actually offers this sort of combination of ventilation and full protection where even small but sharp and strong sticks can’t make their way through the vents and into your skull.

The helmet has a pretty standard rear retention strap and visor, but adds some cool optic integration: Your Smith sunglasses are designed to sorta clip into the exterior front frame of the helmet when not in use so you can firmly keep them in place when they’re not perched on your nose, and your Smith winter goggles are designed to fit against the lip and visor of the helmet perfectly so that they stay together on your face and head seamlessly.

We have a few of these helmets in stock now so feel free to come and check ’em out anytime.  Below is a brief video that gives you a little more info, though frankly it’s mostly just two dudes carving up some nice trail.  There are worse ways to spend a minute of your time on the internet.

Forefront all-mountain bike helmet from smith optics on Vimeo.