Cannondale F-SI Carbon 1


Please excuse this bike’s surroundings.  It’s deserving of something a little more upscale, but that’s not a common bike shop back room descriptor.  On the other hand this bike is really deserving of some nice, buff single track and although we haven’t ridden it yet the F-SI’s new geometry sounds like it would take to the trails as well or better than anything we’ve ridden previously.

The F29 series of Cannondale hardtails are already among the very best rides available, and Cannondale is still offering them in a few builds, but if you want to go all in with the even more upscale F-SI models the promise is an even more efficient, more nimble experience.

The biggest single F-SI frame geometry feature is the slightly offset rear triangle, which allows for really short chainstains and less wheel dish (which equals a stiffer wheel).  Coupled with the Hollogram crankset spider that ‘matches’ the frame’s offset rear end to create the Q-factor you’re accustomed to with PressFit BB’s and this sounds like an amazing ride.

Of course there’s also the highest end Ballistec carbon used throughout the frame, the carbon Lefty, and the nice component choices like the CrossMax SL Ai rims (designed specifically for the aforementioned asymmetric set up) and XTR/XT drivetrain.

All of this of course comes at a price.  $7650 plus taxes to be exact.  That’s not cheap, but consider that the  very top edition F-SI Black Ink is approx. $12000 and the Carbon 1 is a steal!  Well not quite, but if you can afford it we predict the ride will be worth every nickel.