Smith Sunglasses are here!


A number of years ago we carried Smith sunglasses and loved everything they had to offer, but due to changes in distribution we lost the product from our store for a while.  We’re thrilled to have them back again and are displaying the latest Smith arrivals in the shop now.

For those who don’t know, Smith Optical has been a big innovator in sport glasses for the last six decades or so.  In fact innovation is truly the foundation of the company, as documented in their online bio as follows:

“Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by trade, made goggles by hand using dental tools, foam and glue. Before he struck a deal for the manufacturing of Smith goggles in the late 60’s, Smith built early prototypes with friends around the kitchen table and would often trade these creations for lift tickets while traveling to test the goggles out.”

Come check out Smith’s latest offerings and innovations now, like their patented and excellent interchangeable lens systems.