2014 and earlier Sale Update

Yesterday we featured a couple of 2014 Cannondale models that we recently purchased directly from the manufacturer on a great sale.  Today we figured we’d post an updated list of all of the 2014 and earlier bikes we have in stock.  Some, like the aforementioned Cannondales, are new old stock additions to our showroom floor while others are holdovers from last year’s stock.

It’s always a big balancing act trying to have some bike selection in store over the winter while anticipating the new stuff arriving in spring and we purposefully always end up with some previous year’s models as a result, and now is the time to move them quickly as the 2015’s continue to arrive.

Below is the list of 2014 and earlier models in stock at the time of this posting.  Please note that we don’t have the resources to update this list in real time, and not all sizes are available in all models, so to best avoid disappointment call us at 204-888-4586 to confirm we have what you’re looking for or come down to the shop sooner than later.