Actif Epica last minute gear part 5

It’s almost that time of year…for the 4th year in a row Actif Epica is going to test the resilience of dozens of intrepid cyclists and runners in the middle of a Manitoba winter as they take the 130km trek through the wind-swept prairies on their way to the finish line at the Forks this coming Saturday, February 14th.

If you’re not already participating in the event as a competitor or volunteer consider heading to the finish line to cheer on a few finishers or watch their progress on the official event site or @ActifEpica twitter handle.

If you are a competitor we’re featuring at least 1 helpful product on this site each day this week that might make for a good last-minute purchase.

Today we’re featuring the Salsa Anything Cage.  If you’re putting all of your supplies together for the big race tomorrow (and the gear check later today) and are finding that not everything is fitting on your bike or your person worry not!…If you still have a couple of free bottle cage bosses on your frame or fork this cage will work wonders.  Even if you don’t have any space left on your frame or fork you can buy an adapter from us that allows you to mount this cage, or any bottle cage, to your handlebars.

What makes this cage different is the volume it can accept.  Its great depth and width allows you to stuff a lot into it.  We highly recommend using a stuff sack to cram as much stuff together as you can, like an extra jacket and safety blanket, and then mounting the whole thing to the cage with the provided tie downs.

$45 for this wonderful little bike addition might just save your butt out there!

Oh, and GOOD LUCK!  We’re cheering for every one of you.