Actif Epica last minute gear part 4

It’s almost that time of year…for the 4th year in a row Actif Epica is going to test the resilience of dozens of intrepid cyclists and runners in the middle of a Manitoba winter as they take the 130km trek through the wind-swept prairies on their way to the finish line at the Forks this coming Saturday, February 14th.

If you’re not already participating in the event as a competitor or volunteer consider heading to the finish line to cheer on a few finishers or watch their progress on the official event site or @ActifEpica twitter handle.

If you are a competitor we’re featuring at least 1 helpful product on this site each day this week that might make for a good last-minute purchase.

Today’s feature is the Smith Cascade goggle.  These are the least expensive snow goggles we currently stock.  For just $40 they do a really good job of keeping your eyeballs from freezing solid in high windchill.  They also do a pretty good job of not fogging up.  We have had some peripheral fog appear when conditions conspired perfectly against us, but overall we’ve been really happy with them.

What’s more, the Cascades fit really well with every helmet we’ve paired them with, in large part due to the low ‘eyebrow’ profile that doesn’t interfere with the helmet’s front brim.

Depending on conditions we don’t use our goggles all the time, but when warranted these things can be an almost literal lifesaver.  For epic winter rides they’re a must to take along.

We have a few colours in stock now.