Actif Epica last minute gear part 3

It’s almost that time of year…for the 4th year in a row Actif Epica is going to test the resilience of dozens of intrepid cyclists and runners in the middle of a Manitoba winter as they take the 130km trek through the wind-swept prairies on their way to the finish line at the Forks this coming Saturday, February 14th.

If you’re not already participating in the event as a competitor or volunteer consider heading to the finish line to cheer on a few finishers or watch their progress on the official event site or @ActifEpica twitter handle.

If you are a competitor we’re featuring at least 1 helpful product on this site each day this week that might make for a good last-minute purchase.

Today we’re thinking about things to keep your face warm.  At the moment the forecast for Saturday is pretty darn cold – the kind of cold where any exposed skin will get uncomfortably cold, or worse, quickly.  That’s why we sell old school balaclavas (wth new school technical fibres) and Buffs to keep your face covered and protected from the elements.

Even if you already have your face covered, literally, for the upcoming event you may want to consider a second or third covering.  In this sort of weather the stuff you put over your face during heavy physical output can get covered with all kinds of unmentionables from your nose and mouth, not to mention general condensation.  Freezing and then thawing when you make stops at checkpoints doesn’t help either.  Swapping out a face covering for something completely fresh and clean mid-race can make you feel like new again.  Well sorta, but it can literally and figuratively be a breath of fresh air that can seriously assist you in getting you on your way.

We have many styles in store to choose from and right now all of our headgear, Buffs included, are 30% off their regular prices.