Actif Epica last minute gear part 1

It’s almost that time of year…for the 4th year in a row Actif Epica is going to test the resilience of dozens of intrepid cyclists and runners in the middle of a Manitoba winter as they take the 130km trek through the wind-swept prairies on their way to the finish line at the Forks this coming Saturday, February 14th.

If you’re not already participating in the event as a competitor or volunteer consider heading to the finish line to cheer on a few finishers or watch their progress on the official event site or @ActifEpica twitter handle.

If you are a competitor we’re featuring at least 1 helpful product on this site each day this week that might make for a good last-minute purchase.

Today we’re featuring a mesh reflective vest.  If you don’t have your mandatory reflective gear for the event sorted out yet $31 can get you taken care of by purchasing this vest (though you of course need to make sure the vest fits over a backpack or anything less you plan to wear).

Even if you’re not planning for an epic winter adventure this vest is a smart investment for local fitness riding or the daily commute.  We have plenty in stock right now.