Pugsley and Mukluk FatBike Sale!


For at least the 3rd winter in a row FatBikes have been selling really well for us, and in fact the trend has expanded to year round FatBike sales as people discover new uses for wider tires in all conditions.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have a few kicking around that we’d like to move so we’re putting some of them on sale.  In fact we’re putting a few of them on an even deeper discount than their already reduced price.  More specifically at the time of this posting we have:

Mukluk 3, Black, 1 15″, 2 19″, and 1 21″, originally $2000 ea., 1st reduced to $1800, now discounted further to just $1650 ea. plus taxes.

Mukluk 2, Gold, 1 15″, originally $2600, 1st reduced to $2340, now discounted further to just $2200 plus taxes.

Pugsley Ops, sorta military Green, 2 18″ and 1 20″, originally $2475, 1st reduced to $1975, now further discounted to just $1875 plus taxes.

It’s also worth posting a link to an article we just stumbled across, written by the marketing guy at Surly.  Maybe he’s just really good at his job, but he makes a great case for the venerable Pugsley (and this is being referred to you by a guy riding a carbon Beargrease).  Check it out.