Seger Cross Country Mid Socks


We’re carrying a new sock brand: Seger.  This Swedish brand has been well established in Europe for over a half century, but is new to us.

Their Cross Country mid length socks are great mid weight footwear for colder temps, though they do a great job of breathing and wicking sweat away from your skin when the mercury rises.  They’re 50% merino wool and 50% other stuff, including a bit of Lycra, so they stretch but not too much.

At $30 a pair these socks are on par with other higher end technical footwear.  Best of all though they come in colours!  That sounds like maybe not such a big deal considering they’re more or less undergarments but it’s great being able to look into the sock drawer and being able to pick out your favourite pair by colour instead of hunting through an abyss of black wool.

We have a few colours and sizes in stock now.