Serfas USL – 505 Commuter Light


The Serfas USL – 505 is described by its manufacturer as a commuter light, so that’s what we’ll call it too, but to be honest this is a light that’s powerful enough to be used in many hard-riding trail conditions.

It offers 505 lumens at its brightest setting and can run at that level for 2.25 hours (our guess is in the coldest conditions it’s closer to 1.5 hrs based on our experience with other Serfas lights in really cold weather).  It’s USB chargeable so it can easily be charged from your computer after you get to the office or by bringing a wall plug and finding a socket at school or the coffee shop, but even in cold weather it will likely offer you enough power at the highest setting for the morning and evening commute before it can recharge while you sleep.

It’s worth pointing out that in its lowest setting it can run for over 11 hours.

At 143 grams for the light and mounting bracket combined this thing is light and compact, and can be taken on and off the bike in about 5 seconds.

At just $90 this light is a steal.  If you just don’t have that coin in your pocket at the moment the SL – 255 also pictured above offers similar functionality but at a maximum of 255 lumens for just $50.  Both are in stock now.