Charge Cooker Maxi 1 Fatbike


FatBikes are finally being introduced at a lower price point, and we’re happy to prove that point with the new Charge Cooker Maxi 1.

Charge Bikes is a British company owned by the same parent company as Cannondale so they’ve recently become available to us through Cannondale’s distribution in Canada (and for the record the parent company who owns both of these brands is actually Canadian).  Last year we brought in some Charge Cooker Maxi’s that were approximately equivalent in spec and price to the Surly Pugsley.  This year Charge is offering two Cooker Maxi models and pictured above is the less expensive of the two.

For just $1200 (already down from the anticipated MRSP of $1300 and way below the previous FatBike low price point of approximately $2000) this bike comes with a 6061 Aluminum frame and Sram X5 10 speed drivetrain, with 4″ wide Maxxis tires.  What’s more, at just 34+ lbs it actually weighs in 2 or 3 lbs less than many FatBikes that are literally double the price.

Geometry is very similar to the Pugsley, including the offset rear triangle and radically dished rear wheel that accommodates a standard 135mm rear hub while still providing ample chain line clearance.

We received just 3 of these new Maxi 1’s into stock this week but anticipate more to arrive soon.  Last minute Christmas shopping anyone?