Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Vest


A quick survey of the shop staff reveals that none of us actually owns the Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Vest pictured above but a couple of us have, and love, the Nitrous Jacket.  As you might expect the vest is exactly the same except that it doesn’t have sleeves.

If we could have everything we’d have both the jacket and the vest; on days like the one on which this was posted (when it’s 0C outside) we’re envious of folks who opted for the vest.  Not only would it make a great outer layer for running all of those Christmas errands, it would be a great layer for warmer weather winter FatBiking or skiing.

We find that the jacket has a huge temperature usage range, and we suspect the vest may even have a wider range because it will let the arms breathe a bit more while still keeping the core toasty warm.

We have a few sizes and colours of this vest in stock, though sadly we seem to only have the men’s version in the store.  It’s $170.  Ladies, there’s still plenty of stuff for you, just not this item 🙁