FatBike Fender – Dave’s Mud Shovel


We figured there was no better day than today to remind everyone that we have FatBike fenders in stock.  Wow, is it messy outside as we’re posting this.  We’re not crazy in love with – 35C, but we’re equally not keen on winter temps that get so warm that we’re faced with gross, grey slush on all the roads.

Unfortunately we don’t get to choose the weather.  We DO get to choose what to do with it though, so let’s get out there and make the best of it with some help from the awesome “Dave’s Mud Shovel” fenders from PDW.

These fenders are long and wide enough to catch almost all of the garbage that your 4-5″ wide tires grab from the road and try to fling onto your back.  They’re really light, super simple to set up, and fit on virtually any FatBike set up.  Possibly best of all?…they’re just $25.

The only thing worse than getting wet with road grit in the summer is getting wet with road grit in the winter, so pick up a FatBike fender and get back on the road in comfort today!

Note: We also sell the companion FatBike front fender, though in some cases this isn’t as necessary because some FatBikes (though not all *cough* Surly *cough*) have huge downtubes that do a pretty effective job of blocking road grit from your person on their own.  If you do need front fenders they fit most bikes, they’re a couple of bucks cheaper than the rear ones, and they look like this: