Cheap(er) FatBike Studded Tires


Let’s get the worst part of this out of the way first:  At $238 these tires are certainly not inexpensive, but they are less expensive than their folding, Kevlar beaded cousins that sell for $325.

With a non folding steel bead this tires are a bit heavier than the folding variety but the cost savings, especially if you’re buying both front and rear, makes them tempting.  Of course because these are non folding they can’t easily be taken along for the ride as a spare, but are you really that hard core?

We sell tire patch kits for $5 that should be able to get you home if you happen to rip a hole in your sidewall, and they pack much more easily than a FatBike tires, especially a studded one.

At any rate, the freeze/thaw conditions we’re experiencing at the time of this posting create lots of icy boobie traps on the roads and trails so now is the time yo pick up some studs.