GoPro Hero3+ on sale


We have one GoPro Hero3+ remaining and have reduced its price from $350 down to an even $300 just in time for Christmas.

We’re also reducing the price because the Hero4 has been out for a couple of months now.  Honestly though there’s not much functional difference between the 3 and the 4 for most users.

The 4 can shoot in 4K definition, but at this point that’s overkill in most cases (do you have a 4K TV or a YouTube account that supports 4K resolution, and can you even notice the difference on your tablet or desktop screen?)  The 4 also has a built in LCD touch screen that can be handy for video previews and playback while ‘in the field’, but both the 3 and 4 have built in Wifi capability that connects the camera to your smartphone or tablet for the same purposes.  In our personal experience the LCD screen was great (on the 3 a non-touch LCD screen is an option but as a supplemental “backpac” instead of being built in to the camera) until the Wifi functionality came along.  Now we use the Wifi with our smartphone and tablet almost exclusively and don’t see much extra value in the built in screen.

The Hero3+ shoots in up to 1080p 60fps and has the same compact design and case, uses the same batteries, and the same microSD card as the 4.  So basically we’re saying save a bit of money and get the 3 while we still have one in stock.