FatBike Updates


We’ve been updating and adding to the FatBike section of our site so if you want to educate yourself a bit on the purpose, design, and components of our fat rubbered rides check out the applicable pages.  They’re nothing fancy but hopefully you’ll find some of the contained info useful.

It’s amazing how quickly things have changed in the FatBike world – going through what had been posted just a year ago we found many outdated pieces of info.  There are now many more FatBike ‘standards’, or maybe there simply are few standards and more choices, but whatever the case we hope our FatBike info is now up to date, at least for the moment.

Want to really check out what’s up to date?  Stop by the shop to see our selection of FatBikes, components, accessories, and winter clothes anytime.  At the time of this posting there’s plenty of selection in stock!