RedFeather Hike Snowshoes


We can’t really say there’s lots of snow on the ground at the moment but hey, it’s white, and the forecast is calling for the flakes to get deeper on the ground soon.  That means snowshoe season is approaching.

We have a few snowshoe styles from RedFeather in stock, including the general purpose hiking snowshoes pictured above called, appropriately enough, “Hike”s.

They’re average in width and length (they of course vary in size for different users’ weights) and have crampons that are significant enough to get you through some pretty icy conditions but they’re not too hard core for every day general fitness and exploration use.

The hinged strapping lifts the tail as you stride, making these snowshoes fairly agile, and the binding is really easy to get in and out of (we mention this last but truthfully it’s the first thing we look for in snowshoes).

At $145 a pair the RedFeather Hikes are an inexpensive way to facilitate some winter fun.