JVC Action Camera Sale


We have one JVC action camera left in stock and have marked it down to half price from the MRSP of $350 to just $175.

The camera is similar in spec to more recent GoPro Hero’s in terms of picture quality, though there aren’t as many settings options and the maximum resolultion settings are a little lower.  On the plus side the JVC offering comes with a built in LCD display and Wifi connection capability to your smartphone.

The biggest plus though is that, unlike the GoPro, this device has a zoom lense.  Granted it’s ‘just’ a 5x digital zoom but that’s 5x’s more zoom than we’re used to for these types of portable cameras.

There are plenty of attachment accessories available for the JVC camera but we don’t have any attachments in stock.  It’s built with two standard tripod holes so it can easily be used as a stationary camera or with a grenade holder, for example, and frankly that’s how we see it being used.  We think it’s a great option for someone who already uses GoPro’s but wants a compact, waterproof handheld camera that can supplement POV footage with some secondary, zoom shots.  At just $175 this might be just the camera to literally add another angle to your POV videos.

Check out all the spec’s here, watch the promo video here, or look at the camera in person in the shop before the last one is gone.