Salsa Blackborow 5″ FatBike

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We finally have them in!…The Salsa Blackborow has arrived.  For the last couple of years the Surly Moonlander has been our only ‘official’ 5″ wide FatBike option (5″ tires can actually fit in some other FatBikes we carry even if they come spec’d with 4″ tread) but now we can offer a 2nd stock 5″ option.

Unlike the offset rear triangle design of the Moonlander, the Blackborow, like all of the other Salsa FatBikes, uses a symetrical frame.  It still acheives proper chain clearance by using a 197mm rear hub and a wide BB mated to a Surly OD crankset.  The result is lots of clearance no matter the conditions.

Clad with an X7/X9 fully geared drivetrain (the bike also comes stock as a single speed if you’d like to make a special order), lots of braze-ons, and 100mm rims outiftted with 5″ Surly Lou rubber this is the full meal deal of adventure biking.