Lezyne Deca Drive


It’s getting awefully dark, awefully early these days.  If you have a 9-5 work or school schedule and you want to get in more than just weekend riding you need a good bike light.  In our experience if you plan to stick to very well beaten, well lit roads and paths a light with just a few hundred lumens may do you just fine, but if you want to hit the trails and/or go on less travelled routes we recommend around 1000 lumens or more.  You don’t NEED a light that bright, but it makes riding at night a heck of a lot more fun, or at the very least not as nerve wracking.

Having said that, we’d be willing to settle for 900 lumens if packaged like the light above.  Here’s why:

1) When we say we like at least 1000 lumens we’re not actually using the full 1000 lumens all the time.  Most lights in this power range come with multiple power settings an to conserve battery we often use closer to 500-700 lumens until we hit the truely dark areas or technical trail.  Because this particular light comes with a battery set up that can be changed on the fly you can buy an extra battery or two and not worry about running low on power, which means you can run the light at maximum virtually all the time.  So, although the top end is limited to 900 lumens you can enjoy that much light for the whole ride.  That’s a very reasonable compromise.

2) We just love how compact this design is.  Up until recently if you wanted a light with this much power you needed an external battery source, which meant strapping both a light and a battery separately onto your bike, connected with an annoying cable.  The Lezyne Deca is completely self contained – just one simple mount keeps the whole thing on your bar.  Nice.

The light is said to have 1 1/2 hrs of battery life at 900 lumens, and other Lezyne lights we’ve used have proven to have battery life equal to theiur posted numbers so we have no reason to doubt these.  The 400 lumen level is said to last for 3 hrs.  Of course it’s important to note that in cold conditions the battery life is less.  In our experience -30 C conditions reduce this sort of battery life by about one third.

The Lezyne Deca costs $200.  We still marvel at how inexpensive these things are compared to just a few years ago.  $200 is more than pocket change of course (well, at least for us) but we would, and in fact have, paid more than double for this kind of performance.