Giant Pre Push Bikes


We just absolutely love these things.  Push bikes for little kids first came into the mainstream a few years ago and in our opinion they make sooooooo much more sense than tricycles.  They’re way less combersome for kids to use, they’re lighter, they can ride over all kinds of varied terrain, and most importantly they ride ‘like a bike’.

Trikes don’t ride anything like a bike at all.  They teach kids nothing about balance, they offer virtually no momentum, and their steering and cornering is rediculously different than anything you feel on a bicycle.  The Pre push bike, by contrast, steers and corners pretty much like a pedal bike, allowing the rider to get used how to lean into a corner and carry momentum just like they’re on a conventional bike.

We brought a few of these in in anticipation of Christmas because we think they make a great gift, even if they’ll have to be used exclusively indoors for the first while.  No word yet on when the fat tired winter push bikes will hit the market )