2015 C’Dale Scalpel 2 Carbon


There’s been quite an asthetic refresh on the 2015 Cannondale Scalpels and we have the Carbon 2 (size medium) in stock to prove it.  Cost is $5500.

Truth be told the bike design remains pretty much the same.  We were kinda hoping it would see some carry over from the newly designed high end C’Dale hardtails (more on that later this week) but such is not the case.  In fairness the Scalpel is purposefully designed to be a little less twitchy and have a slightly longer wheel base than its hardtail cousin in order to better eat up some of the anticipated rough riding it’ll take as a racing dualie, and it’s already such a good bike that it’s probably best left alone.  We do like the changes to the drivetrain though – the Carbon 2 comes with an X0 1×11 set up that we are huge fans of.  Colour matched Stan’s Arch wheels are another nice tough and go well with the rest of the comparible spec that fills out the bike.

As for the asthetic refresh, it’s a matt blue and black finish that looks okay in the pic above but looks absolutely amazing in the real world.  It’s worth a trip to the shop just to check it out.  You’re welcome to buy stuff from the shop too – it’s not like we discourage that sort of thing.