Winter Cycling Pants


Yes we know, the pic is pretty lame, but the pants are great.  We suspect they’re actually made for cross country skiing, for which they’d also be awesome, but we’ve been using them for bike riding and after a couple of weeks we’re already wondering how we lived without them.

The Sugoi RSR Training Pant (available and in stock for men and women) have a narrow cut and taper towards the ankles so they don’t get in the way of your drivetrain but they are loose enough that (a) you don’t look like a complete weirdo if you stop on your ride and step into the local coffee shop for a sip of java (though if you’re riding in the winter some people think you’re weird already) and (b) you can comfortably fit base layers underneath when things get really cold.

The pant material is tightly woven enough that it does a good job of blocking cold winds but it’s still reasonably breathable.  The full length side zippers are great for getting the pants on or off in a hurry when you’re wearing large boots.  The suspenders allow you to keep the waist loose so your other layers don’t all bunch up around your midsection – we didn’t realize until we wore these how much we disliked winter pants with tight waistbands.  Pair these with your favourite bibs and you’ve almost achieved winter cycling nirvana.

We’ve worn these when it’s been as warm as 4 degrees outside and they were a bit of overkill but still breathed well and didn’t heat us up too much.  We’ve continued to wear them through to about -10 C with nothing else but bike shorts underneath and they’ve been great.  Much colder than that and we’ll begin wearing a thin base layer underneath, which we’re pretty confident will be all we’ll need no matter how much colder than that it gets.

These pants are $170 each, which isn’t pocket change, but we hope to get a few years of life out of ours and consider them well worth the purchase.  We have plenty in stock at the moment so come and get a pair before the winter rush takes hold!