Bergan’s Einer Jacket


So your Olympia web guy has been wearing the jacket pictured above around town for the last 5 days straight and figured it was worth posting about.  The Einer Jacket from Bergan’s of Norway is a great fleecie style jacket for cool days and an even better mid layer for really cool days.  It has a reasonably snug fit so it can easily be worn under other garments but it leaves enough room to add a good base layer underneath.

Its mix of wool and synthetic fibres breathes well –  I was dressed for standing around in the cold on the weekend when it (a) got warmer than anticipated and (b) I ended up running and cycling around more than anticipated and I didn’t get overheated or too sweaty wearing this jacket.

The jacket doesn’t have a lot of extra frills, not that it’s supposed to.  There are medium sized interior pockets big enough for a large smartphone.  They don’t have a zipper but are so deep that they can be used with confidence even when riding technical trails.  There are two exterior zipped pockets as well, as you can see above.  A couple of thumb holes allow you to guard your wrists and arms from cold winds rushing up your sleeves, because we know you ride that fast.

At $155 plus taxes this isn’t the least expensive mid weight fleecie style jacket on the market but its cost is on par with other similar brands and we think it’s money well spent.   We have a few colours and sizes in stock now.