Mukluk 2 with suspension


What’s this?  We have a new 2015 Salsa Mukluk 2 FatBike in stock.  It looks similar to last year’s Mukluk, with the same geometry and a similar parts spec.  The colour is even similar to one of last year’s models, though when you get closer you notice this has a gorgeous sparkle finish to it.  There’s something else you notice as you get closer though…

Suspension!  Yup, this is our first stock FatBike to come with the RockShox Bluto suspension fork.  Over the last few years local FatBiking has transitioned from mainly a winter riding endeavour to any-weather mountain biking over terrain your conventional mouton bike might not take you.  Fat tires, lower tire pressure, and good BB clearance gets you through rougher terrain, but a lack of suspension (beyond what really high volume, low pressure tires can provide) can sometimes prove limiting.

Real world example:  Riding out at Falcon Trails during the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge annual event requires at least some technical prowess and can beat your body up a bit after the first few laps.  The increased traction of a FatBike’s tires can really help through the trickier sections especially after fatigue sets in, but a rigid front end only contributes further to the abuse you’re already feeling from the rough trails.  A FatBike feels like the right choice for the first while, but eventually you crave front suspension.

This bike gives you both.  The only remaining compromise is weight.  Obviously a suspended FatBike is going to weight more than its skinnier tired cousin, but not as much as you might think, at least compared to your average FatBike of just a couple of years ago.  The suspended Mukluk 2 with stock X7 and X9 bits, size medium, weighs just over 33 lbs.  Frankly that’s a few pounds lighter than where rigid FatBikes were until recently.

Check out the rest of the bike’s spec here, or better yet come down to the shop to check it out in person.  If you happen to have $3400 (plus taxes) in your wallet that you’re willing to part with you can even take the bike home.