2015 Carbon Beargrease X01


Niiiiccce!  The 2015 Salsa’s have started to trickle in, including this carbon Beargrease X01.  This is the ‘base’ carbon model (if you can call it that).  We’ll have the super deluxe Beargrease XX1 in stock soon enough if you really want to get rid of as much of your money as possible.

Frankly though the Xo1 will leave you with no bike-related excuses.  The frame and fork is simply gorgeous (the white paint looks a little plain in the pic but is really eye catching in person), and the ride feels awesome.  For ‘everyday’ riding, as opposed to purpose driven point and shoot adventure racing, this is in the opinion of the web guy the nicest stock FatBike to hit our showroom floor.

The X01 drivetrain is perfectly suited to FatBiking, providing the simplicity and reliability you want for rides that take you well past the beaten path, and lightening up the whole package to an even 27 lbs for the large size pictured here.  Just 2 or 3 years ago a sub 30 lb complete FatBike was super exotic.  It’s still not cheap (this bike is $4099) but it’s a stock, relatively mainstream FatBike that can be yours today, weighing 10 lbs less than almost everything we had an offer a few years ago and riding like a competent cross country hard tail racer.

Learn more about the bike by heading over to Salsa’s site, or better yet come down to the shop.  We hope to be receiving the full slate of sizes for this model in to the store soon.