VillainRideCo. Custom Paint

imageTime to make a plug for our go-to custom paint guy. Paul from VillainRideCo does an absolutely awesome job of making an old, beat up steel, aluminum or titanium bike look literally better than new. For that matter he does a bang up job of making new or slightly used stuff look even cooler by offering paint jobs and anodizing of small accessories, but today we’re thinking about the fresh paint he can apply to old rides.

That’s because our shop founder just had his old Karate Monkey repainted by Villain, and wow!  This bike has been used to courier parcels for most of the last 8 years or so, putting in 500 km or so almost very week. Do the math!..this bike was pretty beaten up by the time Villain got its hands on it. Sadly we don’t have before pics, but you can imagine what 8 years of heaving riding in the worst urban conditions can do to a bike. Check out the after pics:



Villain’s powder coating leaves a luxuriously smooth, even and thick finish, and it’s crazy durable. Many of us at Olympia have custom Villain paint jobs and can attest first hand to how bomb proof they are.

What’s more there are a virtually limitless number of colours and styles to choose from, and the prices are almost unreasonably reasonable. We think these paint jobs are the best value in the business.

Editors’s note: We’ve been offered nothing in exchange for this plug. We just really like the work that Villain does and want others to know about it. If you have any bike painting needs or wants consider this local bike paint artisan. The fun begins now!