Surly Ice Cream Truck


Here it is!  Surly’s website still says this bike is “coming soon” but we already have one on the showroom floor!  It’s their new Ice Cream Truck, a FatBike that accommodates 5″ wide tires and has ‘trail’ geometry.

The biggest news in terms of the way this bike rides is the geometry that’s suited to all weather riding on your favourite off road trails, not just point and shoot winter expeditions that some other FatBikes are best suited for.  That means this bike rides more like a ‘normal’ bike in ‘normal’ conditions but it still tracks well and gets you over just about anything when you’re in the outback and/or the white stuff.  Or such is the theory.

Technically speaking there’s a lot new going on here, maybe not with regards to FatBikes in general but most definitely in terms of what we’ve seen from Surly before.  There’s a (gasp) symmetrical 190mm rear end, a PressFit bottom bracket, and a 44mm head tube.  There’s also an interchangeable dropout available on Ice Cream Truck frame sets allowing for a thru axle or conventional multispeed or single speed drivetrain.  Wow, what the heck happened to our favourite stuck in 2004 bike company (and we mean that in a good way)?  Even the paint has a new coating process that is supposed to be better at preventing chips (we haven’t tested that out yet, but that’s what the propaganda says).

The 4130 CroMoly frame tubes are still the same and the main triangle design is similar to other recent Surly offerings.

Obviously we haven’t had a chance to take this out in the snow yet (what the heck is with the warm weather?!) but tooling around the pavement for a bit hints that this bike really is more nimble than some of its predecessors.  We like that because FatBikes are being used for a lot more than long haul, snowy expeditions these days.

Don’t take our word for it though; feel free to come down to the shop to check this thing out for yourself, and take it for a quick spin if you wish.  Or, plunk down $3650 plus tax and the complete bike is yours, spec’d with SLX/Deore bits and Bud and Lou 5″ tires with 100mm wide Clownshoe rims.