Cold’ish’ Cycling Wear


Is it cold outside or is it warm?  We’re certainly not going to complain about the fine weather we’ve been having the last few days, nor are we going to gripe about the even better looking forecast that’s immediately ahead.

The only issue, especially if you’re commuting to work or school in the mornings and then heading back home later in the day, is the temperature change through the day.  Morning temps of 10 C or less are chilly but afternoon temps approaching or exceeding 20 C are actually kinda warm.  How do you dress for that kind of weather without taking two complete sets of riding gear with you?

You layer and/or use leg and arm warmers, and maybe switch out your socks as well.  By slipping a base layer under your jersey, donning leg or knee and arm warmers, and using a taller, warmer set of socks on your morning ride you should stay reasonably warm but have very little cloth to peal off for the higher temp ride home.

We have arm, leg, and knee warmers in stock from Sugoi and Assos, and we have tall socks from a few manufacturers.  They don’t cost that much (okay the Assos stuff isn’t cheap, but hey, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than their shorts) and they greatly extend the usefulness of your existing riding kit.