Bike Types Part 5 Road Bikes

The Olympia Webguy is on vacation the next couple of weeks so we won’t have regular product, specials, and used bike updates until mid September, so be sure to call us at 204.888.4586 if you have any specific questions about our stock or service, or better yet come down to the shop 10-9 weekdays and 10-6 on Saturday.

In the mean time a few periodic posts discussing bike types available through our shop have been queued up to display in the next two weeks.

“What type of bike is right for me?” is one of the most asked questions we get in the shop, so we hope that these posts will be helpful.

Bike Type 5  Road Bike



For years this is the type of bike that we almost exclusively sold.  Before mountain bikes, and the more recent invention or reincarnation of comfort, cruiser, and standard bikes it was all about the road bike.  They’re super efficient in the right conditions, they can be crazy light (like 13 pounds light) and if you have the right engine they simply go fast; very, very fast.

Riding Use

All road, all the time.  Yes, if you’re skilled enough you can take these things through some dirt and gravel but it’s really all about the pavement.  They’re used for fitness riding and racing, and for commuting, though we’d generally chose something a little more forgiving to get to school or work.

Brands / Models we carry

We stock road bikes from Cannondale and Giant primarily, though a few other brands we stock also offer great road bikes that we bring in from time to time and can certainly special order.

Cost of models we carry

Road bikes start at around $900 and go to well over $10,000, though most of the ones we sell are from about the starting price of $900 through to maybe $2500 or so.


These bike have pretty standard sizing, coming on XS, S, M, L, etc. in some brands, and measured in cm’s (48, 52, 56, etc.) in other brands.


Generally there’s not a lot to do to the bike set up itself beyond tweaking the virtual lengths of tubes and such, and these bikes aren’t really perfect candidates for racks and baskets,  but bike computers are common additions.  Lighter wheel sets are another, though much costlier, addition many of our customers make.


Touring bikes are essentially road bikes made to have more relaxed geometry and more compliant frames that are better for the long haul.