Bike Types Part 3 Comfort Bikes

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In the mean time a few periodic posts discussing bike types available through our shop have been queued up to display in the next two weeks.

“What type of bike is right for me?” is one of the most asked questions we get in the shop, so we hope that these posts will be helpful.

Bike Type 3 Comfort Bikes



These bikes are sorta, kinda like the aforementioned Cruiser bikes, but they have tighter geometry and in particular a shorter wheelbase, which makes them more nimble and better for general fitness riding and even some commuting, while still providing an upright position.

Riding Use

Comfort bikes are used for everyday errands and fitness rides on paved paths and light off road situations.  We probably see them most utilized by folks in the 2nd half of life who’s bodies don’t like to bend as much as they once did but still want to feel the benefits of moving from A to B under their own power.

Brands / Models we carry

Giant Comfort bikes, like the Sedona and Cypress, are huge sellers for us.  Though there are few other brands we carry who offer Comfort bikes, Giant is the big one for us.

Cost of models we carry

Around $400 to $700 gets you an excellent Comfort bike.  In terms of the stuff we stock you can’t really spend much more than that even if you want to.


These bike have pretty standard sizing, coming in XS, S, M, L, etc.


Slap some fenders, a basket, or a rear rack on them, and maybe a bell, and you’re good to go.


The big distinction between Comfort bike models is that some offer front suspension and some don’t.  That’s not a better or worse kinda thing, it’s just different.  Obviously front suspension takes the edge off of bumps, but it’s also heavier and a little less efficient, so it’s more about the kind of ride feel your looking for.

Giant Comfort bikes with suspension tend to come with smaller diameter, larger volume tires to add even more cushion, whereas the rigid models come with larger diameter, narrower tires that emphasize efficiency.  Both kinds are available in a full range of frame sizes.