Focus Urban 8 on sale

This is the last Focus Urban 8 model we have in stock. It’s a 2013 model but the technology was unchanged for 2014, and what cool technology it is…

The Urban 8 uses an internally geared hub with a belt drive and a special frame that allows for the installation of the belt.

‘Normal’ single speeds usually have an excellent chain line and minimal friction, but this bike reduces chain resistance further by simply getting rid of it altogether in favor of a belt, designed much like what you see on most cruiser motorcycles.  If a similar (though granted bigger) belt can take more than 100 ft lbs of torque over and over again on an 800 lb motorcycle we’re pretty sure it can withstand years of accelerations and hill climbs under your legs’ power (no insult intended to your legs).

This bike is crazy quiet and smooth to ride; it really needs to be taken for a test run to be appreciated.  The model pictured above is the last one on the floor available for a test ride though so come and check it out soon.  As a bonus it’s been discounted from the regular price of $1800 to just $1200, so it may not last long.