Lazer Helmets


We stock a few different kinds of Lazer bike helmets but the Ultrax model pictured above is arguably our favourite because of its Autofit retention system.  We’ll admit to being a bit skeptical of the idea behind the system at first, but as soon as we put the helmet on our head we realized the idea was a good one and was well executed.

Essentially the retention system that cradles the back of your head, now somewhat ubiquitous on bike helmets, has a lightly spring loaded cable running through it that automatically allows the retention bracket to ‘expand’ and ‘contract’ to the exact size of your head.

The theory is reasonable but the notion that it could work comfortably seemed less so.  How could the system automatically be snug enough to make the helmet feel secure but not too snug so as to result in discomfort?  We’re not sure how they did it but the Ultrax achieves that almost perfect balance.  No adjustment to the system is required; it simply snugs up against your skull every time you put the helmet on and easily releases as you remove it.

Of course the helmet is also well ventilated and pretty light, as you’d expect from a $120 lid.

We have a few sizes and colours in stock now.  If you’re in need of a new helmet be sure to check this one out – we doubt you’ll be disappointed.