Pedro’s Bike Lust

We’d say the majority, though not all, of our customers fall into 1 of 2 categories when it comes to bike cleanliness, and you can probably figure them out. There are the folks who keep their bikes as shiny as new, and the ones who seem as though the couldn’t care less about their bike’s aesthetics.

Though we advice you to clean your bike periodically because it’s more than just aesthetics at issue (cleaning your bike helps prolong drivetrain life and gets you to notice potentially dangerous damage) we understand that detailing isn’t for everyone.

If you’d like to keep your bike looking nice but don’t want to go to a lot of hassle consider picking up a bottle of Pedro’s Bike Lust. Your bike should be reasonably clean before applying it but if your frame is just a little dirty from a few recent rides the Bike Lust can be applied straight away and act as a cleaner and polish/wax.

Not only can it help clean a lightly soiled bike, it can help prevent dirt build up in the future.

$18 buys a whole bottle and lasts a pretty long time. Frankly, it likely pays for itself by prolonging the life and increasing the resale value of what you ride, and while you ride you’ll look good.