Cannondale Women’s Bikes On Sale

We still have a handful of 2013 Cannondale bikes in stock and on sale.  These are bikes that we actually purchased from Cannondale a couple of months ago (in 2014) at a discount because they are last year’s models and we’re simply passing the savings on to you.

The two bikes pictured above are our remaining 2013 women’s specific Cannondale mountain bikes.  They are the Trail 5 and the Trail 6, $560, reg $765, size small, and $450, reg $630, size medium respectively.

A word about “women’s” bikes: The most significant difference between women’s and “unisex” bikes is that for the same size frame a women’s bike will be a bit taller and a bit shorter front to back.  This is to accommodate an average women’s proportions, which are generally longer in the inseam but with a shorter torso.

That’s not to say that many unisex bikes don’t work for both men and women, and of course there are a few things that we can do to almost any bike to customize the fit, like for instance installing a stem that’s longer or shorter, with more or less rise.  In some instances though a women’s specific frame fits a woman just perfectly right out of the box. So, if you have a Y chromosome and are in the market for a new bike it’s worth your while to check one out that’s purpose built for the fairer sex.

If you’re a bit short through to an average woman’s height and looking for a mountain bike it’s definitely worth your while to check out the Cannondales pictured above.  They’re one off deals that disappear as soon as the bikes leave through the front door.