Chariot Accessories

We have customers call almost daily asking if we have any Chariot accessory inventory.  Many are pleasantly surprised to discover that we do indeed have many (in fact most) Chariot accessories in shop most of the time.

Our most popular requests are for attachments to securely hold infants or very young toddlers in place (we have a few attachments to suit your child’s size and development), kits to easily use your Chariot with a 2nd bike without having to swap connection hardware from your ‘first’ bike, and of course the bike swing arm and attachment to get you pulling the Chariot behind your bike in the first place.

We have all of those things and much, much more in stock, and anything we don’t happen to have we can very easily get into stock within a week or two.

Chariot has thought of just about every accessory you might need to use their product in a virtually infinite number of ways so if you have a new application in mind ask us how we can accommodate you.