High Socks

High socks are all the rage right now. A part of the ‘new’ look is simply the swinging pendulum of fashion trends. For the last couple of decades anyone caught with a look that in any way reminded us of the Jane Fonda workout leggings era in the ’70’s would be mocked mercilessly, but in the last year or two we’ve seen high socks (granted, thick leggings are still in the closet) popping up all over local gyms.

Now we see them being made specifically for cyclists, where fashion is meeting function.

Socks that cover most of the calves, like the ones from Cannondale above, serve a purpose: At the very least they protect a part of your body that’s vulnerable to getting scraped up by underbrush on forest trails.  At best they offer some protection against enemies like poison ivy.  Many of us have taken to riding with high socks in areas where poison ivy is common and we’re now suffering from the ailment far less often.

Of course these socks are made of technical material so they are surprisingly cool in spite of the extra coverage.  The socks pictured above are $20 per pair and are available in a couple of colours and a few sizes.  We have some other designs in stock as well.