Evo Fork Mount Carrier


This little gadget is about as simple as it gets, but that’s the point.  If you’re looking to transport your bike(s) in the bed of a truck or inside your SUV with the rear seats folded down this simple device usually gets the job done.  Instead of just lying your bike on the bed or interior carpet you can attach your front fork to the carrier pictured above just as you would attach your front wheel in order to keep the bike upright (obviously your front wheel is transported apart from the rest of the bike).

Note that this works only with a ‘conventional’ 9 mm diameter QR, 100mm wide front hub spacing; not with a thru axle or wider spacing for, say, a FatBike.

Editor’s note: We’re now out of the ‘conventional’ models that support a 9mm quick release, but we have 15mm thru axel models in stock.

You can bolt the carrier directly to the bed if you wish but we find that bolting the carrier to a 2×4 or 2×8 cut to the width of your bed and then simply lying the piece of wood down does a great job of keeping everything securely in place.  If you’re still nervous about things bouncing around you can of course bungie or strap the whole thing down but in our experience this usually isn’t necessary.

Typically a mid sized SUV can hold at least 2 bikes using this method (though you may have to remove or lower the saddles and seat posts if you’re a tall rider) and a truck bed can usually hold at least 4 bikes if you alternate them facing front and back (this will require two 2×4 or 2x8s, so that the front and back have two carriers each).

We try to always have some of these in stock.  At just $29 each they are easily the least expensive solution to carting your bikes around in a pick up truck or SUV.